My 70 + Favorite Fonts for Design Projects

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Y’all.  I have a font problem.  I think it’s a common addiction among graphic designers and anyone who creates digital products, but I struggle.  I’ve had to cut myself off this month from purchasing any new fonts unless a client specifically requests one.  This post is sort of a way to share my favorite fonts, as well as provide a little inspiration if you’re stuck on finding the perfect font. 

A lot of clients struggle with knowing what styles of fonts are out there… and which ones they love.  Below are some of my favorites in each category.  I’ll be adding to these as I find more that I love!  Some are free, but most are commercial use and come with at least a minimal fee. If you want to know WHERE I source all of my fonts, then be sure to check out my post on the 9 Best Places to Find Fonts!

Favorite Thin Script Fonts
Favorite Handlettered Look Fonts
Favorite Brush Script Fonts
Favorite Thick Script Fonts
Favorite Serif Fonts
Favorite Sans Serif Fonts
Favorite Handlwritten Fonts
Favorite Chunky Fonts
Favorite Unique Fonts

Hope these give you a little inspiration!

Any specific styles you want to see?  Comment below and I’ll show you my favorites.  

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