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Now Booking May 2024

Client Design: Mrs. Richardson’s Class

Love from Amanda Richardson

"I knew from the beginning that Ashley was going to be a great fit for me and my brand! I even referred her to a friend before my project began. I have always had a pleasant experience with site design, but Ashley just went above and beyond! I am very detail-oriented and have a critical eye, but Ashley was incredibly patient and listened so well to every question I had and each suggestion. Each time she delivered something even MORE amazing than I had imagined. I wanted something different, unique, and she listened to my crazy ideas or questions and answered them fully. I always felt like I had her full attention and my project was at the top of her to-do list. This just speaks to her wonderful time management! After the project was complete, we had odd site issues pop up and she was attentive and incredibly helpful as we got to the bottom of them! If you are thinking of Ashley for your site design, stop thinking and just book her NOW! You will be so happy you did!"

This client design review will give you a glimpse into the details of this specific project: project scope, goals, branding, specific features, and previews of the final design.  

Amanda Richardson

WordPress Makeover, WooCommerce Setup and Design

Amanda is a teacher with an incredible talent for creating classroom resources, and teaching other educators about all things literacy. She has an eye for design, loves bright colors, and does a great job at creating consistent quality content. Her site is geared towards K-2 teachers.

Site Stats

562 Posts

84 Products


Design Strategy

Amanda, the educator behind Mrs. Richardson’s Class, has been a teacher blogger/author since 2011.  Not only has she written close to 600 blog posts, but she also has nearly 400 products in her Teachers Pay Teachers store.  She wanted her site to be a place to showcase her content, products, and workshops.  One of her main goals was to have a unique site that wasn’t a cookie cutter theme.  We embraced her bright colors and went with unique, but also functional and strategic, design elements and a layout that makes it easy for visitors to see exactly what she has to offer.  Amanda also had a wide range of professional photos to use, so we were able to integrate those throughout the site. 

Mrs. Richardson's Class Homepage

The homepage features:

  • A simple header and navigation area, with limited choices (and icons), appears at the top.  Again, the goal was to make it easy for the visitor to make a choice between her most important site pages.  Her previous site had almost too many choices, so we simplified.  
  • A welcome area where visitors are left without question about what Amanda’s site is all about.  
  • An opt in for a freebie (which converts really well).
  • Next, we decided to do an interactive tab section where visitors can select different tabs and see posts, a link to her FB group, and recent products. 
  • A shop section with the most recent products.
  • Blog roll section with icons and pop up text for the categories.
  • Mini sales section that leads to her workshop sales page
  • An about Amanda section
  • Finally, a simple footer with all the necessary options and in Instagram feed.  

Above all, we wanted to keep the site design clean, simple, and make it really easy for visitors to see all that Amanda has to offer. The rest of the site mimics her homepage with the clean structure, lots of color, and bright bold images.  This project was so fun, challenging, and I love how it turned out!

Scroll on the preview below to View amanda's Homepage

Mrs. Richardson’s Class Homepage


This ecommerce project was a fairly advanced build.  Amanda has roughly 400 products listed in her TeachersPayTeahcers store that she’ll add to her site.  So, we had to not only plan for her existing content, but also design a shop interface that allowed visitors to easily filter through her products.  Some of her shop features include: 

  • Advanced Filtering
  • Custom Fields (File Type, Pages, Grade Levels, Product Preview Link, etc.)
  • Social Sharing
  • Add to Cart Buttons
  • Wishlist Integration 
  • Resource Sorting
  • Shop-Specific Searching
  • Custom Templates (Individual Products, Cart, Checkout, Account, etc.)

Shop Page

Individual Product Listing

Additional Features

This site has a large amount of pages, so I can’t showcase them all here.  Some of the other features we included were:

  • Filterable Blog Roll Page
  •  Frequently Asked Questions Accordion
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Custom Blog Post Template
  • Long Form Sales Page
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Custom Post Types

Blog Page

Custom Contact Form

Mrs Richardsons Class Website_popup

main Navigation Link Pop-UPs

After I design a website, I hand it off to clients and teach them how to edit and manage their site, so things could possibly look a little different now.  Just a heads up.

Client Design_Mrs Richardson's Class

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