Client Showcase: Joey’s Blogger Makeover

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Joey messaged me needing an overhaul of her Blogger site and a complete rebranding altogether.  She is a teacher, mama, and such a sweet person.  Here’s a little sneak peek into what we were able to do to give her a beautiful new look.  

Client Showcase_Joey's Blogger Makeover

First we began with getting her logo perfect and selecting a color palette that was versatile, fun, and simple.  Joey has had the little pink heart in her logo for a while, so that was an element she wanted to incorporate with the new look, as well as keep that hot pink color.

The Logos

A Hughes Design Logo Design
A Hughes Design Logo Design
A Hughes Design Logo Design

Here is Joey’s primary logo, a circular one to use for social media, and a brandmark for when something simple is needed.  She also has watermarks of each.

The Colors

Joey knew she definitely wanted the black and hot pink to stay.  We chose three more complimentary, yet fun, colors for her to work with.  She can pair any of them or use them all together.  They provide a really versatile palette to pull from.  Plus, that kelly green matched an amazing photo she wanted to use for her blog.

Joey Udovich's Brand Colors

The Patterns

Joey Udovich's Brand Patterns

Simple and fun patterns to incorporate the colors.  She can also use these in social media templates, blogs, products, and more!  

The Makeover

Once we tackled the logos and colors, it was time for blog design.  Y’all know I just make it pretty… I don’t build the bones or templates.  I can code, but I leave the heavy developing to the pros.  Joey chose a beautiful theme from Georgia Lou Studios as her basic layout.  She wanted her blog to look more like a website and less like a traditional blog.  I took the template, designed all of the graphics that would be installed, and created a mock-up for her to see what it would look like.  From there, we tweaked, tested, and got it looking amazing.  I’m in love!

Joey Udovich's Site Makeover


Some of the site features included…

  • Skinny logo/header area
  • Social icons in header
  • Search bar
  • Sticky navigation bar
  • Color accents on navigation hover
  • Floating social icons on the left
  • Automatic slider with featured posts
  • Incorporation of watermark branding
  • Styled buttons for popular pages
  • Popular post bar
  • Large post featuring most recent post
  • Smaller post previews below most recent
  • Custom template for post photos
  • Styled welcome photo
  • Simple and sleek sidebar widgets
  • Instagram feed in sidebar and footer
  • Facebook in sidebar
  • Three section footer
  • Custom Favicon

If you are interested in giving your tired Blogger site a facelift, I’d love to help!  Send me a message and I can get your blog looking beautiful!

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Jesus lover, wife, mama of 2 toddlers + 3 dogs, graphic and web designer, former elementary teacher, Kentucky girl, and a coffee and wine enthusiast.

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