graphics & clipart

You’ve got a couple ways to go whet it comes to graphics and clipart!  I have been selling commercial-use clipart since 2011, so I have hundreds of premade sets ready to go.  You could go that route OR I’d love to design something custom for your project!  

A Hughes Design Graphic Design


Need something custom? Send me a message and I’d love to send you a quote.  I can do simple icons, illustrations, characters, and more.  After you message me, I’ll let you know if my style and process will be the best fit for your project.  If not, I have lots of sweet designer friends I can point you to. 


Need something fast?  I have hundreds of premade clipart sets available.  Most are designed for teachers and younger children, but I have a lot of simple sets that can be used in many applications.  Clipart, backgrounds/papers, frames, accents, and more.  Instantly download after purchase and you’re all set!