Now Booking November 2024

Now Booking November 2024

Web Design

 Topics range from content and design,  to platforms, hosting, and more!  I design WordPress sites, but most of the posts are applicable to any platform.  


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5 Must Dos for Your WordPress Images: Get in the habit of taking these 5 steps when adding images to your WordPress site.

5 “Must Dos” for WordPress Images

Prepping your WordPress images might seem overwhelming, but I promise it’s easy. Here is the process that I go through each and every time I get photos ready for my WordPress site. This works with any website platform, but we’ll focus in on WordPress.

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Hiring Out For Professional Website Photos

Hiring Out for Professional Website Photos

When you reach a certain point in your business journey, you’ll realize that it might be time for some “fancy photos.”  Your selfies, flatlays on your kitchen table, or the ones you force your husband to take just aren’t cutting it anymore.  However, if this is a gift you have,

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Essential WordPress Maintenance + FREE Checklist

Ahhh, the dreaded WordPress maintenance topic.  I get it.  It can become annoying to keep maintaining your website.  However, it’s one of the only drawbacks to having a WordPress site.  Sure, other platforms might not require maintenance, but you’re paying them to do it for you (with your monthly/yearly fee).  With WordPress,

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Ways to simplify your website

5 Ways to Simplify Your Website

Simplify your website. Gone are the days when visitors stick around for extended periods of time to browse and check out all you have to offer. People are busier than ever and just don’t stick around, on average, as long as they once did. You want to make it easy

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Hi There.

Hey there! Welcome to the blog. I’m Ashley Hughes, kindergarten teacher turned web and graphic designer.  I love helping educators and creative entrepreneurs build their brand and business.  

Want to learn how to build the website of your dreams without paying thousands?  Stop piecing together YouTube videos to try and figure it all out.  Let me walk you through everything!  From hosting to launch, I’ll hold your hand the whole way.  

Just add your name and email and the WordPress Maintenance checklist will immediately download!   No waiting to check your email!  

Just add your name and email and the checklist will immediately download!   No waiting to check your email!  

Just add your name and email and the form will immediately download!   No waiting to check your email!