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Custom DIY WordPress Website Course

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Ready to take total control of your Wordpress site?

Learn how to build the exact website you’ve always dreamed of.  Get things exactly how you want.   No coding, no waiting for a designer, no limits from a cookie-cutter theme.    

I’ll hold your hand through this entire process and show you exactly how to go from dreaming to building.  You CAN totally do this.




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Time to stop trying to figure it all out on your own.

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Custom DIY WordPress Site Course


Are you an educator or creative who currently has (or wants) your own WordPress site?  

Do you struggle to find the perfect theme?  Maybe a $$ designer isn’t in the budget?  Does your website look sad right now?  Has is made you cry?  

Do you want to learn how to DIY your own website and finally get the website you’ve been dreaming of?

Have you contemplated throwing your computer out the window when trying to get things “just right”?

If any of those describe you, then this is for you!


This course is designed to guide you through 8 Modules that cover everything from planning and design to building and launching your own WordPress site.  We will cover everything you need for a standard WordPress site.  Need Ecommerce or more advanced features?  I’ve got add-ons for those in the works!  And if there’s something I don’t cover in the module lesson videos, then you can hop in the Facebook Group and get feedback there!  


You will get immediate access to the entire course!  No waiting.  Take it as fast or slow as you’d like!

The course has some example timeframes for you to follow, but you can take your sweet time if you need to!  You’ll  have lifetime access to the course, so you can go back to watch videos at anytime.  


Because you’re probably sick of scouring YouTube and the internet looking for a real-life person who knows your industry and can help you build a website…. not an ugly tech troll website.  A beautiful, dynamic, converting website that will renew your love and passion for why you started your business in the first place!  You need a website that showcases your unique products, style, and voice in a specific way.  Finding a YouTube video tutorial or post will hardly get you what you need, at least not in one shot.  Everything you need to know will be in one spot!   And I have been a teacher-seller for over 10 years (in the classroom for 8 of those).


Everything will be hosted on the course platform.  Videos, printables, links, etc.  You’ll also be able to access me, and other members, in the Facebook group. 


You Now:

You After:

Stop doing all the things.

You do everything for your business.

Stop piecing together YouTube videos and random tutorials to try and learn how to build your website. 

Katie designed this website.

I feel like a proud mama. Katie was able to build this beautiful WordPress site 100% on her own. She took the course, worked through all the modules, and did it! She has a site that is exactly what she wants. She doesn't have to wait around for a designer or developer to make changes, search for the perfect theme, or settle for something she 'kind of' likes.

Katie has TOTAL CONTROL over her website. You can do this too!

"I have poured so many hours into it. Your course is amazing and so helpful!"


what's included:


60 Page Workbook

Each module has a print and digital section of the workbook available, so choose the version that suits your learning style! 

MOdule 1: Foundations

LESSON 1: Meet Your INstructor & Goals
LESSON 2: Prepare
LESSON 3: Planning Your Time
LESSON 4: Domain & Hosting
LESSON 5: WordPress in a Nutshell

MOdule 2: Organize

LESSON 1: Organizational Tools
LESSON 2: Important Links & Accounts
LESSON 3: File Storage & Organization
LESSON 4: Brand Files

MOdule 3: Plan

LESSON 1: Your Brand & Target Audience
LESSON 2: Keywords
LESSON 3: Calls to Action
LESSON 4: SEO & Paid Advertising
LESSON 5: Lead Magnet Setup
LESSON 6: Legal and Necessary Pages

MOdule 4: Create Content

LESSON 1: Pages & Content for Them
LESSON 2: Images
LESSON 3: Canva for Creating Graphics

Module 5: Research

LESSON 1: Pinterest Board
LESSON 2: Competition
LESSON 3: Inspiration Sites
LESSON 4: Colors, Fonts, Patters, & Stock Photos
LESSON 5: Brand Board

Module 6: Design

LESSON 1: Be Helpful
LESSON 2: Stay On Brand
LESSON 3: Outline
LESSON 4: List of Pages/Sitemap
LESSON 5: Flowmap
LESSON 6: Create a Style Tile
LESSON 7: Homepage First
LESSON 8: Other Pages

Module 7: Build

LESSON 1: Setup Site
LESSON 2: Install Theme
LESSON 3: Install Plugins
LESSON 4: Create Pages & Menus
LESSON 5: Set Site Design Styles
LESSON 6: Using Elementor
LESSON 7: Build & Customize
LESSON 8: Connect Opt Ins to Email Service
LESSON 9: Adding a Pop Up (Optional)
LESSON 10: SEO Basics
LESSON 11: Set Mobile Responsiveness

Module 8: Launch & Maintain

LESSON 1: Test
LESSON 2: Optimize
LESSON 3: Connect Google Analytics
LESSON 4: Connect Google Search Console
LESSON 5: Pinterest & Facebook Tracking
LESSON 6: Publish & Connect Domain
LESSON 7: Test Live Site
LESSON 8: Share
LESSON 9: Maintain
LESSON 10: Celebrate

+ Bonuses!

Mock UP Templates

Easily create your website mockups without fancy expensive design software.

Facebook GrouP + Group Coaching

Join others who are going through the course!  Ask questions, get feedback, and give support to others.  We’ll also have some group coaching opportunities!

MIgration Bonus

Worried about moving content over from Blogger, Squarespace, or another platform?  I’ve got ya!

Brand Board Templates

Don’t have a brand board?  Or maybe yours is… bleh.  Use one of these templates to create one!

Elementor Pro
Free For 1 Year

I’ve got your Elementor Pro Subscription covered for the first year!  The Pro version allows you to access ALL the widgets, settings, and really do exactly what you want.

Additional Canva Templates

Featured images, blog headers, pins, graphics, and more will be included in this bonus!  I’ll show you how to edit!

This is for you if...

YOu're sick of wasting time diy'ing your site

I know you’ve been Googling tutorials, watching YouTube videos, and reading blogs.  You’re trying to figure out how to do all the things to build a beautiful website that converts, but it’s been time consuming.

You have the tech savvyness, but just need a coach

Maybe you are great with all things tech, but this is a new ballgame for you.  You need someone to guide you through the process.  Someone to go to when you hit a snag or run into an issue.  

You're ready to have the website you've been longing for.

Sometimes you stare at your site and wish you could add something…. a form in a certain spot, or a background image, an opt in at the end of a post, the list goes on. Or you’ve been daydreaming about what you’d do if you had time, skill, or could pay someone to do it for you.  Or maybe you’ve even been drooling over another layout or feature that would work perfectly on your site.  This course is definitely for you.

We'll go through the same process used to create these... and all of my other sites!

KinderCraze WordPress Design
WordPress Design_A Touch of Class Teaching
WordPress Design_Aylin Claahsen
Positively Learning WordPress Design1
WordPress Design_Clever Girls Craft
Learn Grow Blossom WordPress Design
WordPress Design_History From the Middle

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*It will never ever be this low again… ever.  This is SO much content and every update and addition will just keep raising it!

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There are two payment plans available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the course?

It’s designed to be dripped out over the course of 6 weeks.  However, you can take as much time as you need.  

What technology, subscriptions, or plugins will I need?

We will cover all of that in the course, so don’t feel like you need all of these to start!  Plus, I’ll have some discounts for you.  You don’t need anything to start!  We WILL be using Canva, WordPress, Google (Analytics & Search Console), and you’ll need a domain and hosting plan, but again… we’ll tackle that in the course.  

What is your refund policy?

If you’re not satisfied with the course, then I can give you a full refund within 12 weeks of your purchase.   You will lose access to course content, the Facebook group, and any other bonuses.  Not having enough time is not a valid reason for a refund, so please make sure you understand 

What is "Lifetime" access?

Lifetime access means you’ll have access to the course materials for the lifetime of the course… not my lifetime… or your lifetime.  I don’t want to be hosting a WordPress course when I’m 95.  When the time comes to close the course, I’ll give you ample time to download materials, etc. so you won’t be left high and dry if you still need things.  With that said, I plan on having this course around for a while and updating and making it better and better with each release.  

How much should I expect to pay eacy year?

The course is a one-time fee, but you will incur yearly costs associated with your website (standard for every website out there).  This will vary depending on additional services you have, but typically you’ll spend about $12 for a yearly domain fee, $5-$30 for hosting each month, and $49 for the Elementor Pro subscription.  So, roughly between $120 and $150 per year for a standard WordPress site. 

What if I need additional 1:1 help?

You can always post questions, feedback plugs, etc. in our Facebook group.  I’ll try my best to help you there.  If you require 1:1 assistance for something, then I can invoice you for that specific project.  My hourly rate is $60.  

Will I have lifetime access to the facebook group?

Current students will have access to the Facebook group until the next round of students enroll.  At thatt point, I will allow “older” students to move to another FB group where you aren’t bobarded with “newbie” questions.   You’ll still be able to network, tag me for help, etc.  I just don’t want you do become annoyed with “already asked” questions from others who are behind you in the process.

Will you show me how to add a shop to my website?

It’s coming!  I’ll have a few add-on mini courses that will compliment this one.  One is e-commerce!    

Any other questions? Ask them here and I'll add them above.

This is Not for you if...


We are going deep and doing the hard work of planning, designing, and building.  This is not a “plug in your content into a cookie cutter theme” type course.  I’m taking you through everything.


I can definitely help you with that!  Just contact me and we can get your 1:1 project booked and on the calendar.

You're waffling.

Your success is going to depend mostly on what you put into it.  If you’re on the fence about designing your own site, then maybe wait until you are so jazzed about it that you can’t wait to take this!  It’s A LOT of content and work, so I don’t want you to invest and then later regret it because you weren’t 100% sure at the start.  

Disclaimer & Copyright

Your success with this course depends on your effort and time commitment.  When you purchase this course, please understand that your results may differ from other students.   Everyone is starting from a different point, season of life, and you will bring different strengths and abilities to the table .   Don’t compare yourself.  

In terms of copyright, although much of the information  we’ll cover is already out there, I have created and designed all of the materials.  I (Ashley Hughes) own exclusive rights to ALL of of them.  You many not share, distribute, or copy any of the materials within the course, bonuses, sales pages, etc. 

Just add your name and email and the WordPress Maintenance checklist will immediately download!   No waiting to check your email!  

Just add your name and email and the checklist will immediately download!   No waiting to check your email!  

Just add your name and email and the form will immediately download!   No waiting to check your email!