Now Booking November 2024

Now Booking November 2024

WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

Let me take care of all the technical stuff. You focus on creating great content.

I’d love to help you find more time to pour into your actual business, rather than into your website.  WordPress hosting and back end maintenance probably have you pulling your hair out. Let me take those off your plate!  If you’re really fed up with all of it, then opt for the “Totally Hands Off” package… and I’ll do all of the dirty work.

What's the deal with hosting and maintenance anyway?

Hosting and WordPress maintenance might be a little scary, especially if you’re new to WordPress or moving from a platform where everything is rolled into one (steep) price.  Basically, hosting entails you needing a place to store all of your website files (core, plugins, themes, images, etc.)…. and then you purchasing space on a server to store those files.  The hosting company then delivers those files to visitors when they request your website by navigating to your URL (domain).  It’s a bit more complicated than that, but that’s how it works at the simplest level.   

WordPress is different than a lot of other platforms in that you get to choose your host, add whatever themes or plugins you want, and have total control over the functionality, design, and performance.  That’s why I love it.  You OWN your website and can move it to another host if you’re not getting what you want.  However, because of the nature of WordPress, there are some basic housekeeping tasks that need to be performed (weekly, monthly, etc.). 

Let me take all of this off of your plate so that you can optimize your time and spend it on what truly moves the needle in your business, whether that's product creation, client projects, blogging, or whatever else it is you love doing more than website maintenance.

What's included?

Here’s a summary of what’s included… and why it’s so awesome.


Hosting is the foundation of your website. Security, performance, optimization and ease of use all depend on it. I partner with WP Engine to bring you premium hosting and support… plus lots of extras!


Just like your phone has software updates, your website needs to be updated too. Additionally, out-of-date plugins are the #1 leading cause of website hacks. 

Daily Backups

Backing up your website consistently is critical for many reasons but most importantly, if the site should need to be restored, I offer external backups and restore points.

Security Monitoring

I use special tools that monitor your sites’ traffic and activity, protect against potential hacks or breaches and keep an eye on “up time” to ensure your site is up and running fine.

SSL Certificate

All hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate and setup.  This is essential for a safe and reputable website.  Without it, the majority of your visitors will be blocked by their device’s safety features.

Site Migration

If you’re currently on another hosting platform, just know that migrating is included.  I’ll copy your entire site over to a new server and you won’t even notice a difference… other than how much faster it will be.

Staging Site

In the event that you need a staging site for testing, a redesign, or whatever else, I can have that setup for you within minutes. Whether it’s an exact duplicate staging site or a blank one, just know you have that as an option.

Speed and site Optimizations

In order for websites to load fast, perform well and to ensure speed, the files, database and media need to be optimized.  I use specific plugins, tools, and settings to keep your site running smoothly.

Monthly report

You’ll receive an in-depth monthly report that covers everything from updates, links, uptime, performance, and more!  You can comb through your report in detail or trash it.  Some clients just love knowing I’m taking care of things and prefer to focus on other things.

Uptime Monitoring

Your site is monitored 24/7.  If it goes down (typically a plugin issue), I’ll immediately be notified and can start the process of getting it back up.  The average uptime rate across all of my managed sites is 99.7%, so it will be back online quickly.

Priority Support

My existing clients get priority support.  I do my best to get back with you within a few hours on business days.  For emergencies, like a down site, I’ll likely already know about it by the time you email me.  I’ll always email you if an issue needs your attention.


Premium Plugin Access

Your plan comes with access to some pretty incredible plugins… at rates that you wouldn’t be able to get if you purchased by yourself.  Check out the FAQs below to see a list. 

Cloudflare CDN integration

Cloudflare CDN will be added to your site to improve performance and add an extra layer of security.  Let me handle the technical stuff and you reap the benefits of faster loading time.

Spam & Malware Cleanup

Avoid malware, ditch the bots and trash the spam comments!  I’ll clean up any garbage and add features to your site that will block malware attempts and bot comments/form submissions.

Link Monitoring

Links on your website break for various reasons (deleted pages, moved pages, no redirect).  Included in your month report, a link monitoring section will show you which links on your site need to be reviewed and updated.

Quick Task/Job Support

Included in the Totally Hands Off plan (hosting + maintenance) is 30 minutes of quick task/job support each moth.  This can include a variety of things that might be causing you stress or something you’ve been putting off.


Premium Add-On Options

When you purchase a plan, you have the option to add on premium features to your WordPress site.  These aren’t included in any of the plans because not everyone is interested in them.  I’m able to keep the plan pricing lower because these aren’t rolled in automatically.   Premium add-ons include: 

  • Keyword Tracking (up to 100 words) 
  • WooCommerce – Bulk Regenerate Download Permissions (40% savings)
  • WP Sheet Editor (40% savings) 

Risks of poor hosting and maintenance

Website hack

If your website isn’t maintained and protected, it’s not a question of “if” but “when” a hack will occur.  Poorly maintained sites are perfect targets.

Slow Website

If your website isn’t optimized, it will begin to underperform and load slower as time goes on (affecting conversions and sales).

No Backups

If your website isn’t consistently backed up, you could completely lose your website’s content if something major happens (hack or fatal error).

SEO Implications

If your website isn’t maintained and optimized, Google knows and ranks sites that are digitally “alive” and actively making upates.

Website Legitimacy

If your website has any glaring issues such as a down SSL Certificate or notices of an unsecure connection, it affects traffic and brand legitimacy.

All On You

By not having your website cared for monthly, everything covered in the plan is on you and will cost you in tools, time and unneeded stress.

Ready to do this?

Take back your time

get a fast and secure site

Say bye to the website stress

WordPress Hosting and Maintenance Performance Scores

Step 1. Choose your package

You can select from 3 options:


Get super fast WordPress hosting and priority support.

$29+ /month*
Fast Wordpress Hosting
Site Migration
SSL Certificate
Staging Site Available
Speed & Performance Optimizations
Cloudflare Integration
Daily Off-Site Backups
Backup Restoration Service
24/7 Security Monitoring
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Premium Plugins Included
Priority Support
Monthly Client Report
WordPress Core & PHP Updates
Weekly Plugin Updates
Weekly Theme Updates
Spam Cleanup
Malware Monitoring
1 Quick Task/Job per Month*


I'll handle all the updates and maintenance tasks.

$59+ /month
Fast Wordpress Hosting
Site Migration
SSL Certificate
Staging Site Available
Speed & Performance Optimizations
Cloudflare Integration
Daily Off-Site Backups
Backup Restoration Service
24/7 Security Monitoring
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Premium Plugins Included
Priority Support
Monthly Client Report
WordPress Core & PHP Updates
Weekly Plugin Updates
Weekly Theme Updates
Spam Cleanup
Malware Monitoring
1 Quick Task/Job per Month*

Or save by opting for a yearly plan!

Pay per year and receive 2 free months on your plan!

*Pricing for hosting is determined by storage size, but the majority of sites I work with fall into the $29 range.  Larger sites require more storage, so I charge $1/GB over the standard 10GB plan.  This is pretty standard among hosting vendors.

Free Add-Ons

These are the current  free add-ons available to hosting and maintenance clients.  

RankMath PRO
Elementor PRO
Essential Addons PRO
Admin Columns PRO
WP Rocket – Added to all sites
Imagify (Unlimited Credits) – Added to all sites

Premium Add-Ons

Options to include on your plan:

Keyword Tracking – $3/month (up to 100 words) – receive a monthly report on where you stand in with Google Rankings

WooCommerce – Bulk Regenerate Download Permissions – $1.50/month (40% less than buying it yourself) – update product permission with a single click instead of manually doing it!

WP Sheet Editor – $1.50/month (40% less than buying it yourself) – wish there was a way to edit ALL of your products, orders, etc. in a giant spreadsheet?  This is it.  

No-Risk Guarantee

All plans come with a no-risk, no-questions-asked guarantee. In the unlikely event that you want to pull your site and cancel your plan, you only pay for the month/year you’ve paid for and you'll be able to use the remainder of your time to secure new hosting.

Step 2. Contact Me to Book

Ready to get your WordPress hosting and maintenance off your plate?

It’s super easy!  Submit the form below and I can onboard you this week!  Once you submit the form below, I’ll put together your proposal, contract, and then send over your first invoice to get you started.  Once that’s paid then I’ll hop into your site and get everything going!  A hosting migration typically takes a bout a day or two (depends on your site host and domain vendor).  Maintenance setup just take a couple hours.  

Step 3. Breathe a sigh of relief

Now sit back and let me handle it.

I’ll send you a monthly report that you can either comb over in detail… or file in your trash folder.  I will ALWAYS reach out to you if there is something going on with your site that you should know about OR needs your attention.  Most clients just like to know that I’m handling it and prefer to be left alone unless it’s something serious.  Totally up to you.  

FAQ's & Term Dictionary

I get into each of my sites and make updates twice a week. Each site is monitored for security and uptime, so I’ll know immediately if something is up with your site that needs attention.  

That’s fine!  You are totally welcome to stick with your current vendor, migrate over to my hosting when your plan is up, or even migrate early if your hosting isn’t great right now.  

Elementor Pro, Admin Columns Pro, Imagify (unlimited credits), RankMath PRO, WP Rocket, and a few others as very inexpensive add-on options (SEO keyword tracking, WooCommerce Bulk Regenerate Permissions, Bulk Editor for WooCommerce)

A quick task or job is something that takes 30 minutes or less.  This can include, but not limited to:

  • Plugin install 
  • Copy updates
  • Image changes
  • Scheduling/Publishing blog posts
  • Adding an opt-in in one spot
  • Updating your menus
  • Anything else that would take 30 minutes or less.  

Any other tasks that take longer will have to be booked like a typical project.

Unfortunately, no.  If everyone rolled over credits then I could potentially be facing a logistical nightmare of multiple clients wanting to redeem hours and hours of time.  I just don’t have that kind of flexibility in my calendar.  

Support tickets can be submitted on my client support page.  Those go directly to a special support email that I get notifications for.

Nope!  Pricing includes setup and any site migration that needs to happen.

Yes!  I have an option for you to enroll in autopay, which automatically charges your account each month.

There is no monthly/yearly contract that you are locked into.  I believe in providing a great service and taking really good care of my clients.  I don’t want you to feel stuck in a contract.  You should have the freedom to change your plan, or cancel if life throws you a curveball and your site is no longer a priority.  Payments are made monthly and autopay is available.  

I’d hate to see  you go!  If that happens, no hard feelings.  You only pay for the month/year you’re currently enrolled in.  You can use the remainder of your time to have your new host migrate your site over.  Additional time can be purchased at a prorated amount.

I do not offer refunds or partial refunds on hosting or maintenance plans.

You will also lose access to any premium plugins (my licenses will be deactivated from your site), so you’d need to purchase those yourself if you wish to continue using them.

No cancellation fees.

Domain: The address, or URL, that visitors use to find your website (

Hosting: If your domain is the address, then just pretend that your host is kind of like your house.  It’s where you store all of your website’s “stuff” (content, images, blog posts, products, etc.) and you need a provider that can give you that space (house) on their servers.

***Domains and Hosting are two separate services, but they can sometimes be purchased from the same provider.  Typically, domains run about $20 per year and hosting can range widely depending on the package options and how hands off you choose to be.   I don’t offer domains… only hosting!  

Migration:  Sometimes clients need to migrate (or move) all of their content from one web platform to another.  This can be somewhat of a technical process, so I offer it to my clients.


Just add your name and email and the WordPress Maintenance checklist will immediately download!   No waiting to check your email!  

Just add your name and email and the checklist will immediately download!   No waiting to check your email!  

Just add your name and email and the form will immediately download!   No waiting to check your email!