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Now Booking May 2024

Terms of Use for Clipart

First off, thank you so much for your purchase!

Prior to using your newly licensed graphics, please review the terms of use below.  This is a standard license agreement that is bound to each and every image that you either download or purchase from me, free or paid, on this site or my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.  

If you have any questions about these Terms of Use, please contact me prior to purchasing.  

Due to the digital nature of these products, no refunds or returns are available.

License Agreement

The graphics you’ve purchased or downloaded from either my site or TPT store are creative property of Ashley Hughes and cannot be resold or distributed.   Purchasing does not mean you own the graphics and you may not claim them as your own.   Ashley Hughes retains the copyright to all graphics and images.   

You are purchasing one non-transferable, non-exclusive, single-user license for the graphics you purchased.  The license does not extend to publishers or manufacturers (please contact me for extended licensing).  You may use these graphics for personal and/or commercial use according to the following terms.  The terms are subject to change without notice, but any changes would only loosen restrictions and would never change in a way that would render your creation a violation of terms. 

Any product/item you distribute (commercially or as a free item on your blog/site/store) must provide credit in the form of a disclaimer (i.e. “Graphics by Ashley Hughes”) or my logo, and/or link to my website or TPT store. 

Links & Logos for Credit:

Just RIGHT CLICK and save one of the logos to use on your project.

Link to my shop:

Ashley Hughes Design Logo
Ashley Hughes Design Logo


Commercial Use: Your commercial creations must contain educational or informational content.   The graphics must be used in conjunction with other elements, such as backgrounds, borders, text, and considered part of an activity or printable.  You may not create pages of graphics “as is” (i.e. bulletin board elements, stickers, etc.) and nothing else.   The graphics cannot be the only design element.  You may not use my art, commercially, on print on-demand sites like Zazzle, CafePress, Etsy, etc.  The chart below outlines some acceptable and unacceptable uses. This is not an exhaustive list.


If you intend to publish or sell a product to a large publisher, manufacturer, or corporation, an extended license is required.  Please contact me for licensing information.



Any of the projects above are acceptable for personal use or for your own classroom.  You just can’t sell or distribute them.

Dont’ see your project or idea listed above?  Email me and I’ll be happy to clarify or add it to the list. 

Security:  You must ensure that the graphics are secure and cannot be easily copied, extracted, downloaded, or shared.  All products (except digital products… see below) must be flattened into a PDF or saved as a JPEG/PNG for a flattened background image.  This is standard usage within the industry.  It takes hours upon hours to create each graphics set, so it’s only fair to protect the work that you’ve licensed and I’ve created.

Digital Products & Moveable Pieces: You may create digital products (Smart board, Mimeo, Boom Cards, Seesaw lessons, Google Classroom, etc.) using the graphics, but they must not be the only elements and must not be easily extractable.  To make movable pieces, you must combine the graphics with a frame, colored background, text, etc.  If an app or digital platform performs in a way that makes it nearly impossible for graphics to be lifted and copied, then you do not need to do this step (i.e. Boom cards and Seesaw activities are okay without taking the extra step of adding a background or frame).

Website/Blog Use:  You may use these graphics to create blog and website components, but you MUST combine them with other elements, such as backgrounds, border, or text.   You may not post graphics “as is” in any online presence.   For blog/website use, you must provide credit with a clickable link on each page where the graphics appear.   This can be done in the sidebar or footer.   Web designers, if using the graphics in a client project, must purchase a separate license for each client/project.   

Use in Logos: You may use the graphics within your logo, but you must combine my art with other elements (text, frame, etc.).  My art alone cannot be your logo.   If you are a designer, you may not use my art to design logos for others.  You may not copyright your logo since you do not own exclusive rights to the graphics.  This is why it’s smarter to hire a designer to design a custom logo if you’re wanting a unique and copyrightable logo. 

Alter & Redesign: You may not alter the art in any way aside from cropping or recoloring to grayscale if needed.  You may not combine graphics with other digital artwork and resell as graphics/clipart (i.e. stamps, brushes, ten frames, scrapbook sets, stickers, using a background pattern in your own clipart designs, etc.).  

Reselling, Trading, and Sharing, : You may not, under any circumstances, resell the graphics, trade, or share them with others. 

If you have any questions regarding these terms, please contact me.  I would be happy to clarify any terms and add them to this page for others.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!   Because of nature of these two platforms, you don’t need to worry about adding a background or frame around the pieces.   Google Classroom, Smartboard, etc. are a little different and allow for easy extraction sometimes, so you’d need to take the extra step with those platforms.   

It depends on what software or design platform you’re working with, but you’ll essentially just layer all of your graphics just how you want them.  Next you may have to group them together.  Finally you would either save the grouped selection as a JPEG or PNG, or you could save the entire slide if you’re working with Keynote or PowerPoint.

Personal use: yes.  Commercial use: no.  Because bulletin board sets essentially contain just pages and pages of clipart, it’s not fair to me if you create a product that is just my art.  If your bulletin board set isn’t like this, then please see the question about “Classroom Decor.”

Yes, as long as it follows the terms above.  It cannot be just clipart.  You have to add your own content and elements. 

No.  My graphics cannot be used in another designer’s art for resale.

Didn’t see your question? Contact me.

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Just add your name and email and the checklist will immediately download!   No waiting to check your email!  

Just add your name and email and the form will immediately download!   No waiting to check your email!