web design

Yay!  How exciting is the thought of a new website?!  Is your mind racing with ideas and possibilities?  

Okay, here are some things you should know about me right off the bat.  I don’t want to waste your time if you’re looking for a specific type of web designer.  

  • Platforms: I design on WordPress.  

  • Themes/Customizations: I design using a base theme (because every site requires one) and then customize using various code, plugins, etc.  I have a favorite base theme I like to use, but if you have your eye on a specific third-party theme then we can totally go that route.  I just want to let you know that I am not a developer who builds things totally from scratch (that would add another 0 to your cost).  I may use basic themes to start from, but your site will be anything but basic.   

  • Maintenance: I offer ongoing maintenance to web design clients, but it’s not required.   I always provide a post-install checklist of general things that you should be doing to maintain your site.  I design exclusively on WordPress, so if you’re migrating from another platform and concerned about maintenance, then I’d suggest exploring WordPress a little to see if you’re up for it.   There’s a learning curve, but I also provide a customized training video after every project and walk you through everything.

  • SEO: I will be setting up basic SEO plugins for you and giving you some basic tips, but SEO is a whole other service that could take even longer than a web design, and I don’t offer at the moment.  It’s something that you can definitely do yourself, but since I will not be digging deeply into your content (just the look and design), it would be really difficult for me to do a sufficient job and boost your rankings. I can totally direct you to some great SEO experts and DIY’s if you need. This is a great overview if you’re clueless about SEO.

Now that you’re still with me, let’s talk details!  We could go one of three ways:  

Website Preview_Education With An Apron

new website

$1500+ starting at
  • Need a brand spankin' new site? Or a migration? I'd love to work with you to design and launch something you'll love... and something that will really showcase your brand, product, or talents.
  • Pricing is based on platform and scope of project.
Website Preview_Sarah Gardner Teaching


$800+ starting at
  • This involves me taking your current site and giving it a facelift. No change in platform. I take what you have, design on your existing template or a new one, and make everything look fresh and beautiful!
  • Pricing is based on scope of project.
Website Preview_Secondary Sara

element install

$60+ starting at
  • Need something simple or maybe a few elements installed + configured? Whether you want to integrate a lead capture form, an Instagram feed, or a blog preview slider, I can help!
  • Pricing is based on platform and scope of project.


Pricing depends on time, features, template, and setup complexity. I’d love to see if we’re a good fit! I’ll send you a questionnaire followed up by a free quote.  Just follow the button below and give me a little more info.