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Yay!  How exciting is the thought of a new website?!  Is your mind racing with ideas and possibilities?  

Okay, here are some things you should know about me right off the bat.  I don’t want to waste your time if you’re looking for a specific type of web designer.  

  • Platforms: I design on WordPress. 

  • Ecommerce: I prefer to work with WooCommerce because it is, by far, the most flexible platform when it comes to building out a shop.  I have a lot more options with Woo when it comes to styling, integrating special features, etc.  I have also worked with Easy Digital Downloads, Shopify(don’t design on there, just integrate an existing store with your site), and handful of other lesser known options.  Woo will allow us to build a very user-friendly shop with all the “bells and whistles.”  I can also migrate you to Woo if you’ve been considering it.

  • Themes/Customizations: I design using a base theme (because every site requires one) and then customize using various code, plugins, etc.  I have a favorite base theme I like to use, but if you have your eye on a specific third-party theme then we can totally go that route.  I just want to let you know that I am not a developer who builds things totally from scratch (that would add another 0 to your cost).  I may use basic themes to start from, but your site will be anything but basic.   

  • Hosting and Maintenance: I offer hosting and ongoing maintenance to web design clients, but it’s not required.   I always provide a post-install checklist of general things that you should be doing to maintain your site.  I design exclusively on WordPress, so if you’re migrating from another platform and concerned about maintenance, then I’d suggest exploring WordPress a little to see if you’re up for it.   There’s a learning curve, but I also provide a customized training video after every project and walk you through everything.

  • SEO: I will be setting up basic SEO plugins for you and giving you some basic tips, but SEO is a whole other service that could take even longer than a web design, and I don’t offer at the moment.  It’s something that you can definitely do yourself, but since I will not be digging deeply into your content (just the strategic layout, design, and functionality).  It would be really difficult for me to do a sufficient job and boost your rankings. I can totally direct you to some great SEO experts and DIY’s if you need. This is a great overview if you’re clueless about SEO.

Now that you’re still with me, let’s talk details!  We have two routes:  

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new website

$2000+ starting at
  • Need a brand spankin' new site? Or a migration? I'd love to work with you to design and launch something you'll love... and something that will really showcase your brand, product, or talents.
  • Pricing is based on scope of project.
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$1200+ starting at
  • This involves me taking your current site and giving it a facelift. No change in platform. I take what you have, design on your existing template or a new one, and make everything look fresh and beautiful!
  • Pricing is based on scope of project.

Base Package Includes..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically projects range from 3-8 weeks.  It really depends on the scope of the project.  My average is around 4.  

Absolutely!  At the end of each project I record a video walkthrough to show you everything you need to know!  These videos are typically about 30-60 minutes.  

Every single project requires a different amount of time, features, and planning.  It’s hard to put a specific price on that because I may spend one week on a single 10 page site, and a different site may take me 4 and have 20 pages and a lot of optimizations to make in the backend.