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Custom WordPress Design

Yay!  How exciting is the thought of a new website?!  Is your mind racing with ideas and possibilities?  

Okay, here are some things you should know about me right off the bat.  I don’t want to waste your time if you’re looking for a specific type of web designer.  

Now that you’re still with me, let’s talk details!  We have two routes:  

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New Website

$2000+ starting at
  • Need a brand spankin' new site? Or a migration? I'd love to work with you to design and launch something you'll love... and something that will really showcase your brand, product, or talents.
  • Pricing is based on scope of project.
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$1200+ starting at
  • This involves me taking your current site and giving it a facelift. No change in platform. I take what you have, design on your existing template or a new one, and make everything look fresh and beautiful!
  • Pricing is based on scope of project.

Base Package Includes..

Additional Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically projects range from 3-8 weeks.  It really depends on the scope of the project.  My average is around 4.  

Absolutely!  At the end of each project I record a video walkthrough to show you everything you need to know!  These videos are typically about 30-60 minutes.  

Every single project requires a different amount of time, features, and planning.  It’s hard to put a specific price on that because I may spend one week on a single 10 page site, and a different site may take me 4 weeks, have 20 pages, and a lot of optimizations to make on the backend.