design process

You may be curious about my process.  Typically every single project follows these 7 steps. The web design process has additional “installation” and “post-installation” phases, but those sort of fall under step 5 (design). 

1. Connect

You send me a message about your project ideas. I may send you a questionnaire to dig a little deeper and understand the scope of the project.

2. schedule

Once we determine if we're a good fit, I'll let you know my next available start date for your project. I'll hold your date for 48 hours once sending over your proposal.


To finalize your booking, I'll send you a proposal, contract, and invoice. Once those are taken care of, you'll be all set and you'll receive access to your client portal.

4. Gather

This is when the real fun starts! I'll have you complete some extensive design questionnaires, upload files, etc. so that we can compile design features and details you'd like to see. Pinterest is your friend!

5. Design

I design, edit, design, edit, and email you for feedback mid-design sometimes. We'll become BFF's during this process. I want you to be happy, so I will need your frequent input and feedback.

6. Review

I'll send you a mock up for feedback. We'll go back and forth with the revision process as many times as needed until the project is perfect.

7. Done!

Your final design files, and any instructions, will be delivered to you via our shared Dropbox folder. Then we do a virtual cheers! You're finished!