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Hiring Out for Professional Website Photos

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By Ashley Hughes

Hiring Out For Professional Website Photos
Hiring Out For Professional Website Photos

When you reach a certain point in your business journey, you’ll realize that it might be time for some “fancy photos.”  Your selfies, flatlays on your kitchen table, or the ones you force your husband to take just aren’t cutting it anymore.  However, if this is a gift you have, and you have time, then definitely keep it up!  I’m talking to those of you who are struggling with photos for your site and shop.  Hiring someone to take professional website photos may seem out of reach, but there are plenty of options out there that are affordable.  And as your business scales, so can the amount you spend on photos.  I promise they’re well worth it.   

5 Reasons to Hire Out for Professional Website Photos

They Look better.
You're not a photographer.
You don't have time.
Your products need it.
They're versatile.

As a designer, I can tell you that it it SOOO much easier to design your beautiful and strategic website when we can use high quality photos.  Photos not only showcase you, but also your products, so they need to be good.  Beautiful flatlays, headshots, or action shots help tie everything together on your website.   They give more of “she knows what she’s doing” feel AND visitors are more inclined to view or purchase something that looks well put together.  Professional photos are also versatile, meaning you can use them for pages on your site, blog posts, social media, and printed items.

What Can You Hire Out For?

There are a lot of great photographers out there who specialize in brand photography, product photography, or general stylized stock photos.  Here’s a list of photographers you can hire for your professional website photos, or sources for ready-to-go photos:

Photos of YOU

A Google search of “brand photography [your city]” will likely result in a list of someone local who specializes in brand photography.  If you can’t find a brand photographer, then hire a traditional photographer who is willing to take a little more direction or work from a shot list (a list of specific shots you’d like to have).   My photographer, Jama Finney, was a dream to work with!  She is a photographer who specializes in brands, so I was able to get a whole set of photos that I can utilize on my site, social media, and elsewhere.    


If you need custom photos taken of YOUR specific products, then you can hire a photographer to do this instead of spending hours doing it yourself.  Here is a list of providers who work specifically with teacher-authors or those who create printables/digital resources.   

  1. Simple Marketing Tools
  2. Learn How to DIY Your Photos
  3. Coffee Beans & Children’s Dreams
  4. Speech Language Pirates
Ashley Hughes Design: Commercial Use Clipart and Graphics


Sometimes a simple flatlay or mockup is all you need.  In that case, there are several creators who offer these!  It’s very easy to overlay your own products on these images.  It not only gives  it a professional look, but it can help potential buyers see it in action and envision using it.

  1. Coffee Beans & Children’s Dreams
  2. Speaking of Images
  3. Bricks & Border
  4. Hunt 4 Treasure
  5. E is for Education
  6. Speech Language Pirates


If you don’t need professional website photos that are highly branded and specific to your products, then you can find a lot of great photos on stock photography sites.  Here are a few of my favorite paid and free sites.  *Denotes a subscription or purchase is needed.  Note: if you purchase/download from a site, be careful to review the terms of use prior to posting on your site.  

  1. Adobe Stock*
  2. Melicity Spring
  3. HauteStock
  4. Sidekick Studio
  5. CreativeMarket*
  6. Pixabay 
  7. Pexels
  8. Unsplash

Want to know some of my other favorite business tools and resources? Check out my favorites! ​​

Hiring Out For Professional Website Photos

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