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Now Booking September 2023

Client Design: Simply Kinder

Love from Simply Kinder

"Working with Ashley was a breeze! She not only knew the ins and outs of website design, but she was also very in tune with the business aspect of everything. She helped me think through and strategize so many parts of our site and for that I am so grateful. I definitely feel like I got way more than a new website with Ashley. I highly recommend working with her."

This client design review will give you a glimpse into the details of this specific project: project scope, goals, branding, specific features, and previews of the final design.  

Jennifer Kadar Testimonial_Ashley Hughes Design

Simply Kinder

WordPress Makeover, WooCommerce Makeover

Jennifer is a kindergarten teacher passionate about helping other teachers. She has an impressive collection of content, resources, and loyal customer/follower base. She reached out wanting a new site with a sleek, modern feel that felt "more cohesive and user friendly."

Site Stats

855 Posts

839 Products


Design Strategy

Jennifer has a rather large collection of content and ecommerce resources, so we had to be very strategic in how we built out the homepage, ensuring it included everything she had to offer, but also making it easy to digest for visitors.  She also has a lot of custom flatlays and photos that she wanted to integrate with the design, so we were able to plan and arrange sections in order to work those photos in.

The homepage features:

  • A simple header and navigation area, with limited choices, appears at the top.  We wanted to simplify things compared to her old site, which had an overwhelming navigation area.  
  • The welcome area with her “elevator pitch” and the main flatlay she wanted to integrate that showcases several of her resources.
  • The About Jennifer section is next so that visitors can quickly see who she is, what she does, and connect with her on social media.
  • Facebook Group link is next with a custom created graphic.  The link goes to her group that had over 50,000 members at the time.
  • The shop section is next.  We deigned custom icons for Jennifer’s content and added dynamic tabs that showcase up to 24 products in one small area.  Jennifer can easily swap out products in these tabs.
  • Email marketing is a large part of Jennifer’s strategy, so we placed the opt in next to a preview of what’s visitors will receive if they sign up.
  • The blog roll section is next and mimics the shop section with icons.  It shows Jennifer’s most recent posts and the categories link to a pre-filtered blog roll page.
  • Finally, Jennifer wanted a footer with areas to feature trending items, popular posts, and the standard footer content.  


Overall, we wanted to keep the site design clean, simple, and showcase her amazing resources and knowledge. The rest of the site mimics her homepage with the clean structure, pops of color, and bright bold images.  Jennifer was a great client to work with and I loved designing and developing this site.  

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This ecommerce project was a rather large undertaking.  Jennifer had a little over 700 products at the time, and thousands upon thousands of existing customers.  We created a single page shop that allows visitors to filter products directly on the page without navigating away.  Some other ecommerce features include: 

  • Advanced Filtering
  • Add to Cart Buttons
  • Wishlist Integration 
  • Resource Sorting
  • Shop-Specific Searching
  • Custom Templates (Individual Products, Cart, Checkout, Account, etc.)

Shop Page

Additional Features

This site has a large amount of pages, so I can’t showcase them all here.  Some of the other features we included were:

  • Filterable Blog Roll Page
  • Frequently Asked Questions Accordion
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Custom Blog Post Template
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Custom Post Types
  • Footer with Dynamic Links

Blog Post Template

After I design a website, I hand it off to clients and teach them how to edit and manage their site, so things could possibly look a little different now.  Just a heads up.

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